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Luis Suárez running for Abitab’s employee of the month

Football players are a highly appreciated asset in their home countries and Luis Suárez is not an exception. Unlike some of his team mates like Messi or Neymar Jr, Luis Suárez doesn’t have a

Dos Santos reunited for ESPN

Dos Santos brothers have parted ways again after playing together in Villarreal last season. The Mexican brothers played together in Spain last season but won’t be doing it again this season since Gio has

Del Piero rides a Vespa

Italian soccer great Alessandro Del Piero has become a brand ambassador for Vespa, the classic motorcycle brand owned by Piaggio, in India. The 2006 Fifa World Cup winner, 40, will visit India on 1st

Harry Kane joins BT Sport’s squad

England and Tottenham Hotspur soccer player Harry Kane has been named as a brand ambassador by BT Sport and joins the likes of Real Madrid and Wales star Gareth Bale, former England and Manchester

Nemanja Matic in Top Eleven

Chelsea midfielder Nemanja Matic joins Mourinho and has signed a deal with the creators of the Top Eleven football management video game, which recently reached 120 million registered users. As part of the endorsement

Prime Time Sport brings John Terry to China

Chinese media company 5USport and Prime Time Sport brought John Terry to China for a two day tour after being named an ambassador of football culture in one of its main cities. After announcing

Cristiano Ronaldo sells his most valuable asset

Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has sold his image rights to Mint Media, company which is owned by Singaporean businessman Peter Lim, whose other properties include Spanish football club Valencia. The Real Madrid forward, current

Beckham’s last Sprint

Brand ambassadors are a fantastic way to raise awareness and give visibility to a brand. Football is the world’s most popular sport. Combine them both and you get David Beckham to promote your products.

Kun Agüero running for cover

Argentinian striker Sergio Agüero is one of the three players that have been shortlisted to potentially appear in EA Sports Fifa16’s cover, next to Lionel Messi. Jordan Henderson, Harry Kane, Thibaut Courtois and Sergio

Lucas Silva and co. present new kit with Adidas

Real Madrid recently unveiled the new kit for the upcoming 15/16 season and most of the players have actively helped Real Madrid and Adidas promote it. We have seen players like Lucas Silva, Asier

Nissan chooses Yaya Touré

The Japanese brand, and one of the main sponsors of the Champions League, is designing its marketing campaigns around the Champions League and in the latest TVC, Nissan chose Yaya Touré to give visibility

David Villa continues studying with Kaplan

Spanish star David Villa continues studying English with Kaplan International and giving the brand some visibility and helping them raise awareness. David Villa, now playing for New York City FC, quickly understood that learning

PokerStars: “All in” with Neymar Jr. and CR7

After weeks of speculation and rumours about it, Brazilian star Neymar Jr. was finally announced as a brand ambassador for PokerStars at the beginning of May, and Cristiano Ronaldo followed a few weeks later.

Arcos and Frit exploit Iniesta’s social media

FC Barcelona star Andrés Iniesta has a huge mass of followers on social media and the player’s partners take advantage of it and use it to gain visibility and to reach a wider audience.

Unscriptd calls bingo with Cristiano

Unscriptd was born to create engaging sport stories and with Cristiano Ronaldo the brand has created an engaging one indeed. Unscriptd recently launched its video platform, where they collect and share stories, and it’s

John Terry reaches 1m on Instagram

Having a strong social media profile is becoming more and more important, not only to share news and thoughts with fans and followers but also to leverage this critical mass commercially. John Terry is

Cristiano promotes Sacoor Brothers

Some brands use their ambassadors to promote their products in an organic and natural way and some other, like this example by Sacoor Brothers, use them purely as a channel to share their message.

Casillas tweets for Hyundai

Real Madrid’s goalkeeper Iker Casillas recently attended an event organized by Hyundai in Madrid. Casillas has been an ambassador of Hyundai for a couple of years and we have seen him attend this kind

Gareth Bale is a huge asset for Adidas

German giant Adidas has many ambassadors and endorses a number of football players but some of them are more valuable than others to give visibility to the brand. While all players serve as a

Rakitic and Torres talk to Adidas

Fernando Torres presented in Madrid, next to Spanish athlete Chema Martinez, the latest sneakers Ultra Boost by Adidas. The event was held two days before the Champions League derby against Real Madrid and it