David Villa continues studying with Kaplan

Spanish star David Villa continues studying English with Kaplan International and giving the brand some visibility and helping them raise awareness. David Villa, now playing for New York City FC, quickly understood that learning English would be key for his future in the US and chose Kaplan to be his partner along the way.

We have seen David publishing posts about the school in a number of occasions and most recently, he shared on social media how he is focused on his goal of learning English. Kaplan took advantage of the players’ huge following on Social Media to communicate with his fans and to reach a wider audience. With more than 23.5m followers across all platforms he can share his messages to a very large community.

Villa_Kaplan_InstagramHe is still not as confident with English as he is with Spanish but every time he speaks English he does it better and clearly shows how he is improving with Kaplan.

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