Arcos and Frit exploit Iniesta’s social media

FC Barcelona star Andrés Iniesta has a huge mass of followers on social media and the player’s partners take advantage of it and use it to gain visibility and to reach a wider audience. A strategy that it’s getting more and more common and that helps brands to share their message with, in this particular case, a potential audience of over 37m people. The latest examples were seen this month. Iniesta used his social media accounts to promote one of his partners, Arcos, and also to promote his campus and one of its main sponsors, Aperitivos Frit.

Iniesta_ArcosArcos has been endorsing Iniesta and using him in the brand’s communications for a couple of years and this kind of posts and promotions are probably part of the agreement between the player and the brand. In the second case though, we could speak about a one off collaboration between Iniesta and Frit, to give some visibility to the brand and to help them reach a wider audience, while promoting his own campus.


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