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Jan Vertonghen goes back to School with Playstation

Using the popular formula of photo-shoot + exclusive interview that we have seen so many brands use in the past -particularly in the videogame industry (e.g. Ubisoft, EA, Playstation, etc.)-, Jan Vertonghen posed for

Iniesta plays the other football with UFX

Back in June 2017, Spanish star Andrés Iniesta signed a 2-year contract with UFX to become the global ambassador of the online trading brand. The company declared then that Iniesta would be an integral

Mo Salah joins Uber Egypt

Uber Egypt announced via Twitter that Liverpool striker and Egypt international Mo Salah will be used for the company’s advertising campaigns in the country as well as promoting merchandise. Salah, who is capitalising on

Close and personal with Gerard Piqué and The Player’s Tribune

FC Barcelona star and businessman Gerard Piqué, embarked on a new adventure a few months ago when he declared that he wanted sports journalism to be more transparent and made for the players and

Rakitic shares his thoughts on a Ford Mustang

A good example of a player capitalizing on his success and good performances on the pitch is the exclusive branded interview that Ivan Rakitic did with Marca to promote the powerful and elegant Ford

Cola-Cao and Primetubers together once more

Primetubers and Cola-Cao have joined forces again to give visibility to the brand and the newest products and gadgets that Cola-Cao has to offer. On this occasion, byTarifa and DoctorePollo were the ones chosen

Messi Experience Park

FC Barcelona star Lionel Messi will soon have the biggest football theme park in the world, which will be opened in China in 2020. The ambitious project, called Messi Experience Park, was launched in

Mats Hummels always elegant with Boss

According to the company, BOSS Stretch Tailoring suits are tailored from layers of expansive fabrics to provide effortless ease of movement, even under the most demanding circumstances. And nothing better than a football star

David Villa invites you to a VIP football experience

David Villa partnered with Mondelez and Ritz Crisps to offer unique experiences to the brand’s fans and consumers. In a social media driven campaign, people could enter a sweepstake to win a VIP football

Kevin De Bruyne does a Topps job

Belgian midfielder Kevin De Bruyne has been recently unveiled as the newest face of Topps in the UK. The collectibles brand is the most popular brand amongst kids in the UK, ahead of other

Leroy Sané stands tall with Nike

Young German Leroy Sané is having a great start of the season and contributing greatly to Manchester City’s good moment in all competitions. In the last few games he had a great impact and

Uniqlo arrives to Barcelona with Carles Puyol

Former FC Barcelona star Carles Puyol, together with former model Verónica Blume and a few other ambassadors, are the faces chosen by Uniqlo for its launch campaign in Barcelona. Uniqlo has partnered with this

Spectacular football with FIFA18 and Cristiano Ronaldo

At the beginning of the summer, EA Sports announced that Cristiano Ronaldo would be the new face of the best seller FIFA. After a successful season with Real Madrid and Portugal, the striker would

DJMariio visits Germany with Konami

Popular Spanish youtuber DJMariio collaborated with Konami for the launch of the newest edition of PES 2018, the flagship game of the company. To promote the new game, DJMariio committed to attend a number

A 3-pointer for Jack Butland with 2K18

The young and brilliant goalkeeper from Stoke City, Jack Butland, has been chosen by 2K to promote the brand’s newest title, NBA 2K18. The videogame producer has used the famous formula of photo-shoot +

Gabriel Jesus joins Guaraná

Brazilian giant Guaraná Antárctica has a new face in football: Gabriel Jesus. The brand recently signed a 4 year deal with the Brazilian striker, who will be one of the brand ambassadors, next to

Koko advises fans to use protection

With more than 780k subscribers on his channel, Koko is growing very fast and his Youtube channel is becoming more and more popular. His fun and casual style are very attractive to brands and

ByTarifa ejoys a delicious treat with Nocilla

Nocilla is one of the most popular brands amongst chocolate fans in Spain. Every chocolate lover in the country knows about Nocilla and the brand’s delicious chocolate cream. The brand is constantly reinventing itself and creating

Cristiano Ronaldo has abs of Egyptian Steel

Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo unveiled a couple of months ago his weirdest endorsement yet. Through the years he has partnered with global brands like Nike, Tag Heuer, Herbalife, Samsung and a long list of

Robert PG presents the new PUMA One

PUMA chose Robert PG to lead the launch of the new PUMA One. The Spanish youtuber has been part of the Primetubers’ family for a while and he keeps growing at a steady pace.