A 3-pointer for Jack Butland with 2K18

The young and brilliant goalkeeper from Stoke City, Jack Butland, has been chosen by 2K to promote the brand’s newest title, NBA 2K18. The videogame producer has used the famous formula of photo-shoot + exclusive interview to give visibility to the game and to capitalise on the interest generated by the English goalkeeper. He also had the opportunity to have some fun playing the game and to show his excitement on his Twitter. He might not be Cristiano Ronaldo, but sharing a message with 150k fans is always a plus for a brand.

Jack Butland_2K_tweet

With the World Cup 2018 to be celebrated in Russia next summer, this season is key for global football fans, and brands are making the most of it by working with international players who have a say and can share their opinion and views ahead of the competition. Below these lines, an example of how this particular interview gave 2K good visibility in one of the most read newspapers in the UK.

Jack Butland_2K_cover

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