Cristiano Ronaldo has abs of Egyptian Steel

Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo unveiled a couple of months ago his weirdest endorsement yet. Through the years he has partnered with global brands like Nike, Tag Heuer, Herbalife, Samsung and a long list of others, which have historically worked with football players. He also has a few regional agreements with brands less known to the general population (e.g. PAO Facial Fitness in Japan or Sacoor Brothers in Portugal).

However, partnering with an Egyptian steel company is something that not many could have anticipated. Cristiano Ronaldo will be the global ambassador of Egyptian Steel and the face of its marketing campaigns. To mark the start of the partnership, Egyptian Steel produced a TVC, which you can see above these lines, where we can see Cristiano Ronaldo showing his best acting skills while completing a journey through Egypt. The player has also taken the opportunity to share the news with his millions of fans on social media, thus letting the world know about the existence of Egyptian Steel.

Cristiano_Egyptian Steel

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