Reguilón becomes new partner of eSports Spanish club Team Heretics

Spanish left full-back Sergio Reguilón has been one of the few good news for Real Madrid 2018-2019. An unexpected appearance into Los Blancos first team making his debut for the club and capturing 14 league games in his first top flight season. Reguilón’s profile is growing and his latest movement has been to join forces with the eSports club Team Heretics.

Team Heretics is a Spanish eSports organization founded in 2016 by Youtuber ‘Goorgo’ and that first entered the League of Legends scene in January 2017. ‘TheGrefg’, a famous Youtuber with more than 11 million subscribers on the platform, is the team’s co-owner.

Reguilón said: “I’ve always been a videogame player and eSports enthusiast. When I had the chance of joining Team Heretics it was a great opportunity for me because it’s something I like a lot”. Real Madrid player shared the news on his Instagram account, where he counts with more than 600K followers. He also conceded interviews to traditional media to explain his move into the eSports world.

Antonio Catena, CEO of Team Heretics, said: “What this signing means to us is that we join forces with a player that comes from the traditional sport, who is also a millennial/Z and that helps us to connect with our public”.

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