Dele Alli gaming passion not a Secret anymore

Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Dele Alli has become the new ambassador of the Singapore-based eSports company SecretLab. It’s another movement from the English star into the gaming world after having successfully partnered with the gaming headset brand HyperX and his Fortnite live streams.

Dele Alli’s set continues to improve as his association with SecretLab will provide the midfielder with an e-gaming proper chair. “I am very particular with the equipment I use when gaming”, said Alli. “That’s why I am excited to partner with SecretLab. Their gaming chairs are made with great quality and can be adjusted to how I like to sit, this allows me to game as best as I can”.

Ian Alexandrer Ang, co-founder and chief executive officer of SecretLab, said: “Physical sports and video gaming are similar in nature because they both involve competing and the will to self-improve. The perception that gamers only consist of nerdy boys in the basement is no longer true-it’s become common to see many sportsmen playing games and vice versa. Partnering with Dele is our way of doing so. That, and Dele really likes our chairs”.

Dele Alli was one of the stars of the Champions League campaign for Tottenham, reaching an unpredictable final against Liverpool. The Spurs lost 2-0 against the reds at Wanda Metropolitano,

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