When Harry’s met Harry…

England’s goalscorer Harry Kane has signed for the razor’s firm Harry’s to become the branded face of the brand. Tottenham’s key player shares the name of the brand and he couldn’t be more convenient for their new sport. A 30 seconds video that shows the unique perspective to invite customers to open up.

“Proud to be different”, shared Kane in his Instagram account, joined by an image reading: “Not afraid to win, to lose, to miss, to fail, to lead, to be criticized, to learn, to open up, to ask for help, to show emotion, to have self-belief, to be humble, of hard work, to be myself”.

Harry Kane’s monologue in the ad: “I am not afraid to lead. I am not afraid to be criticized, to ask for help, to tell my daughters I love them. I am not afraid to be myself and if that makes me different, I’ll choose different every time”.

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