Everyone plays: Coca-Cola, the Premier League and Jesse Lingard!

Coca-Cola UK and the Premier League have unveiled plans for a 3.5-year partnership with a new TV ad. Jesse Lingard has been the chosen one to appear in a production that shows the romantic relationship between the league and its fans.

Accompanied by the song “Only you” from the eighties group Yazoo, the video show fans from all the Premier League teams and the emotion that the game produces. Jesse Lingard appears at the end of it celebrating a victory with the fans.

“We can’t wait to bring the fans closer to the game”, says the official statement from the campaign. The Premier League is the best league in the world and has attracted talent from all around the planet.

“Just casually surprising fans in the Coca-Cola new TV advert”, said Lingard on Instagram as he shared the video. “We have got loads planned this year to bring you lot closer to the Premier League action. You ready?” #WhereEveryonePlays

Choosing Lingard for this campaign is wise as he’s an English international and a friendly personality -as shown in his social media- that can reproduce just what the league and the brand want: do not lose the tradition of the game despite all the changes. That’s why they chose an eighties song and an English international player.

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