Huge milestones for KokoDC and ElChurches!

Two of our Primetubers, KokoDC and ElChurches, recently celebrated important milestones for their channels: reaching 1 million and 4 million followers, respectively! Furthermore, KokoDC did it in just over a year! The Catalan youtuber is doing an outstanding job and has become one of the most charismatic and multi-faceted influencers in the community. His beginnings were of the hand of his inseparable RobertPG and little by little he has been polishing his YouTube channel until finding the perfect balance between fun and quality content. With his unique looks and great personality, KokoDC is a very attractive opportunity for brands. He has already worked with brands like Adidas, Nike, Top Eleven or Badoo, and had the opportunity to shoot with stars like Messi, Luis Suárez or Kobe Bryant.

ElChurches, on the other hand, is our biggest youtuber and the first one to ever hit the 4 million mark! His unique and creative content has been rewarded by the community and by the brands, who see in the youtuber a great marketing and communications platform and a fantastic opportunity to engage with a wider audience through a fun and charming ambassador!

If you are not familiar with them, don’t miss out and check some of their videos! Above these lines you can see the series of videos that KokoDC prepared to celebrate the milestone. He uploaded 1 video every day during a week, skydiving included!! Below you can also see the video that ElChurches put together for the occasion… hold your breath!!

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