Alexis Sánchez writes a story with Movistar

Chilean football player Alexis Sánchez has a long standing relationship with Movistar in his home country. For years, he has been the face of the telecoms giant in Chile and has featured in TV commercials, printed ads and given the brand support on social media. Right before the summer, and with everything to decide for Chile ahead of the World Cup, Movistar created a brilliant advert where Alexis Sánchez tells us his story.

Establishing a long term relationship with an ambassador allows a brand to get to know him better and to make more meaningful campaigns, this one is a good example. Alexis Sánchez is probably the most popular face in Chile to tell that story, and his almost 15m followers on social media also make him a great communications platform (This ad got almost 600k views on his Instagram account, for example).

Alexis Sanchez_Movistar

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