GaGà Milano calls bingo with Neymar Jr.

Brazilian star Neymar Jr. has been raising awareness for watch manufacturer GaGà Milano for a few months, and bosses at the international brand couldn’t be happier.

Neymar’s passion for GaGà Milano watches, which started last year when he walked into the GaGà Milano Boutique in Tokyo, to the amazement of everyone present, has now turned into a collaboration in all aspects.

The first page of this new adventure was written when Neymar posed for a photoshoot in Barcelona. These pictures made him the communication star of the brand and were unveiled at Baselworld, the most important international watchmaking exhibition in the world.

Neymar has been using his social media accounts to promote GaGà Milano’s products and to give visibility to the brand. His Instagram is a good example of how popular he is and how helpful it can prove to any brand to get out there. With nearly 75m followers on Instagram, Neymar has uploaded a couple of posts for the brand in the last two months, which are accumulating almost 4m engagements. An organic partnership and a good communications platform can work wonders.

Neymar_Gaga Milano5

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