Pogba says: ¨I am here to create¨

Manchester United has been in the centre of the last record-breaking deals in the football industry. One of them, the partnership that saw the club change Nike for Adidas, its current technical partner. Another one, the signing of the most expensive player of the summer, Paul Pogba. The French star is also sponsored by the German giant, and Adidas is making the most of the partnership with both club and player, to turn him into one of the brand’s most prominent ambassadors.  Pogba is one of the most valuable assets for Adidas, and the German company has used him as the face of one of its newest campaigns. The campaign is currently being aired in the UK, and under the title “Football Needs Creators”, the central message is that Pogba was born to create, not to follow.

Pogba is today one of the reference players in the football world. His strong personality, his youth and his crazy hairstyles make him unique and very likeable; which makes him a great marketing platform. Another good example of that is that the Man United’s star has almost 10M followers on Instagram and 3M on Twitter, for example. All in all, using Pogba as an ambassador is proving to be a good call by Adidas, and the campaign has reached more than 3M views on Adidas‘ youtube channel in just a couple of weeks.


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