Primetubers attended the Champions League final with Sony

Attending a Champions League final is a unique experience and it becomes a memorable one if you can do it with your digital family. The Japanese giant Sony, one of the main sponsors of the competition, invited our Primetubers to the Champions League final at San Siro Stadium in Milan. As part of the experience our Primetubers traveled to Milan and spend two fantastic days together, which they recorded for their fans and subscribers to see. Tobbal, Pumus, Cacho01, DJMaRiiO, Pollo and Steve The Gamer enjoyed the pre-match at the Sony VIP area and lived an incredible experience that shared through several videos and pictures on their social media accounts. The results of the action were incredible too: 1,4 milion views and 30,000 likes on Facebook.

Cacho -Sony

DJMario - Sony

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