PTS Youtubers challenge with M&M’s

Our main Spanish Youtubers: DJ Mariio, Doctore PoLLo, TobbaLink, PumusCor and Cach01 participated in the challenge sponsored by M&M’s in which they needed their fans support to get one ticket to attend the match Real Madrid vs FC Barcelona last 21st of November at Santiago Bernabeu Stadium (Madrid).

How to get the ticket? Followers had to tweet adding an original photo related to M&M’s using a hashtag mentioning the team -each Youtuber was representing one team defined by one M&M colour- he or she were supporting. The team who achieved the higher number of tweets won and saw the Youtuber attended the match.

The results where spectacular: more than 2 million views of naturally branded content, more than 10,000 hashtag mentions and 1,9 million of Twitter impressions in just 4 days provided an unbeatable return on investment to the brand.

This is one example of what we call e-Sports management. Social media is getting more and more relevant for brands in order to reach a very specific target, especially on Youtube where young people have replaced TV by laptops. Youtubers are celebrities followed by thousands of people and for brands is an effective way to provide notoriety at a very competitive cost.


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