Here is the first Player Social Media Engagement Report by Prime Time Sport

Here we are again with the first players marketing newsletter of the new season, as usual including plenty of activity by brands using football players in their marketing campaigns. And as at Prime Time Sport we love number crunching, another report comes-up just one week after launching most successful Soccerex Transfer Review ever.

This time we have analyzed 3,000 posts by most prolific footballers in the planet to come-up with our very first “Players Social Media Engagement Report”. Opposite to information we are used to see published in the media about players social media accounts, the report focuses on the engagement generated by posts on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, in terms of likes and comments interaction. Furthermore, and for the first time ever, the report analyses the level of effectiveness of posts of commercial nature (normally posts as part of wider endorsement agreements). Here are some of the findings of the report, which you can download here.

– Instagram is the network with highest engagement levels, with a remarkable 4,54% of likes and comments in average from total subscribers base.

–          Ronaldo is the most successful player in terms of engagement generated by his posts, with an average of 2m likes or comments. Not surprising considering with subscribers base is of 160m. Messi follows with 1,7m engagements by post and Neymar comes 3rd with 1,4m.

–          Sergio Ramos has the highest engagement rate at 8,8%, followed by Luis Suarez (8,2%) and Messi (6,6%).

–          A Facebook post by Neymar with his son was the most successful in overall terms, with almost 5m engagements, followed by Messi’s one with Champions League trophy (3,4m) and Ronaldo’s one with his new boots (3,1m to the joy of Nike). This post by Portuguese ace is also the most successful commercial post in the report.

–          Indeed, Ronaldo is by far the most successful footballer in terms of reach of his commercial posts. All ten most widely spread commercial posts were produced from Real Madrid top striker social media accounts.

–          Instagram also presents the highest levels of engagement for commercial posts, with an average conversion of 3,9%. Gerard Pique’s post with partner Shakira promoting their Burgers restaurant provoked a whopping 7,82% engagement. Conversion rates would be far higher (at least 4-5 times) if we would calculate them on followers actually seeing the posts (vs just total followers).

–          Blue chip brands such as Nike, Puma, Beats or Sony have enjoyed a massive 46% extra engagement when using in their posts the athletes they are endorsing (vs posts by same brands not featuring any athletes).

I hope you enjoy the report!


Esteve Calzada

CEO Prime Time Sport

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