Neymar Jr. very active with Castrol

Neymar_CastrolNeymar_Castrol2Castrol and its newest ambassador, Neymar Jr., are unveiling new commercials and brand activation activities.

Since Neymar Jr. was appointed as the new ambassador of Castrol, he’s been very active and commited with the brand. Among the different activities that have been going on lately there are several challenges with other sports persons and events and interviews that the player’s been attending to promote the brand.

This month a few videos have been launched, where we can see Neymar Jr. doing all sort of activities and challenges with Castrol. We can see a great example below. The video reached almost 15m views in just 10 days.

An exclusive interview was recently featured in most of Spain’s sports newspapers, where Neymar Jr. spoke about his first months at FC Barcelona and the ups and downs of the season.

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