Ronaldo and Zidane score against poverty

Ronaldo and Zidane_MatchOnce again, former Real Madrid team mates Zidane and Ronaldo have met, together with other football stars, for the match against poverty. Organized this time in Saint-Etienne to help in the fight against the Ebola virus, the two former players, accompanied by legends like Seedorf, Karembeu, Barthez, Trezeguet, Cafú or Djorkaeff, were defeated by a selection of former and current players of Saint Etienne (9-7).

Before more than 30 000 fans who never stopped cheering, the two teams played at a good pace during the first half and both Zidane and Ronaldo showed that talent is not lost. Real Madrid Castilla’s coach is still very good with the ball at his feet, while the Brazilian has not lost his goalscoring instinct. Despite being still overweight, Ronaldo managed to score three goals, all of them from inside the box. Trezeguet, Seedorf, Djorkaeff and Okocha scored the three goals of the United Nations Development Programme team.

All in all, a fantastic initiative to help through football and to leverage the presence of huge stars. The event was a huge success and it gave great exposure to the initiative on different media.

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