Bartra & Carvajal for Jack & Jones


Clothing brand Jack & Jones has partnered with FC Barcelona’s Marc Bartra and Real Madrid’s Dani Carvajal to promote their new collection. Both players feature in the new adverts of the brand, in Spain, and can be seen across all platforms. In the example above we can see them in a printed advert seen on Marca and below these lines in the latest video advert of the brand.

This deal proves that fashion is not always limited to the Beckham’s or Pique’s of the World. Sometimes, brands that are not willing to invest what you would need to work with a player like David Beckham, go for second tier players that can grant them good exposure and visibility at a much lower price. To launch the partnership between players and brand, Jack & Jones hosted a launch event with Bartra and Carvajal that included an exclusivee interview and the presence of different media.


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