Casillas, Kaka and Oscar, stars of the new Hyundai ad for the World Cup

Hyundai2Casillas, Kaka and Oscar, stars of the new Hyundai ad for the World Cup

Two months ago it was revealed that Hyundai chose Casillas and Kaka as their brand ambassadors for the World Cup. And last month the company from South Korea launched their latest TV ad, where Casillas and Kaka share the screen with Brazilian midfielder Oscar, for whom the World Cup is proving very lucrative in terms of new sponsors. Oscar might be brought on board to compensate the fact that fellow Brazilian Kaka was ultimately not chosen to participate in the tournament.

“The glorious journey for all has begun. Hyundai wants to gather all football fans to celebrate the FIFA World Cup in Brazil. Casillas, Kaka and Oscar are collecting all types of fans around the world to bring them to Brazil” explains Hyundai on the ad.

Hyundai is an official partner of the FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014, and one of the brands that decided to use football ambassadors in their campaigns on top of their World Cup sponsorship. It is unfortunate that only one of their ambassadors (Oscar) will be in the second stage of the World Cup but brands have to make choices when selecting their ambassadors and that’s a risk that they have to take.

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