Lionel Messi hugs fans with H&S

MessiLionel Messi surprises fans in the latest campaign from H&S

The Argentinian football star is one of H&S ambassadors next to Iker Casillas or Joe Hart. In the latest campaign for the P&G owned brand Messi surprises fans and invites to #HugHeadFirst.

In this experiment/campaign (very similar to Neymar Jr‘s with Santander) H&S asked Lionel Messi‘s fans if they would be confident enough to hug whoever came out of a box. But what happens if the doors open to reveal one of the most famous players in the World? Reactions are priceless. Sometimes we forget how easy it is to make someone happy.

Messi is understood to be a very shy guy but the fame and his commercial commitments have made him leave all these feelings behind and become a very confident man.

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