Alexis Sánchez and Gatorade “never settle”

Chilean star Alexis Sánchez is one of the best players in the Premier League and always pursues excellence and doesn’t settle for anything less than that. This is the message that the player delivers for Gatorade in the brand’s latest campaign in Chile. With still a few decisive games coming up, to define if Chile will be in the next World Cup in Russia 2018, Alexis tells the world that it won’t be because he is not giving his best. The Arsenal striker has been working with Pepsico’s isotonic drink for several years, and his popularity in Chile and in Europe, where he has played for teams like Udinese (Italy), FC Barcelona (Spain) or Arsenal (England), make him a fantastic communications platform and the perfect ambassador to engage with football fans.

On top of the events, the point of sale promotions and adverts that Alexis does with Gatorade on a yearly basis, he never misses an opportunity to give visibility to the brand through his social media accounts as well.

Alexis Sanchez_Gatorade

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