Sergio Ramos and Rafa Nadal tell white lies with Movistar

Sergio Ramos and Rafa Nadal are the stars of the last TVC by Movistar, to celebrate the return of the show Twin Peaks, 25 years later. In this new advert (in Spanish), we can see Real Madrid’s captain and the tennis player sitting on the sofa and making up excuses on a telephone conversation so they can continue watching the show. Ramos and Nadal have a great friendship and feel mutual professional admiration, so surely they are happy to share one of the adverts that will flood Spanish televisions in the coming days.

Rafa Nadal has a very solid partnership with Movistar where, not only he is the face of the brand and helps to promote its products and services, but both Nadal and Movistar are also working together on the tennis academy of the former. On top of that, the brand recently agreed an important partnership with Real Madrid, club where Sergio Ramos is currently playing. Combined with his popularity and carisma, Sergio Ramos was an obvious choice for Movistar.

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