Henry, Messi and Alexis changing the game with Gatorade

Pepsico‘s brand Gatorade is one of the market leaders in the sports drinks sector, and just like its big brother Pepsi does, the brand relies on athletes and footballers to spread its message. Gatorade has been very active in the football industry for many years, with current partnerships with clubs like FC Barcelona, Arsenal FC, or Juventus FC.

The brand has also worked with some relevant ambassadors in the recent years, and Messi, Alexis Sánchez and Thierry Henry have been the chosen ones for Gatorade’s latest campaign in South America. Thierry Henry, in a very good Spanish, is in charge of explaining how Gatorade is helping athletes through innovation, to become the best version of themselves and keep improving to change the game. You can see it above these lines and judge for yourself!

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