Twosync and MattHDGamer all dressed up with Adidas

Twosync_AdidasInfluencers are a fantastic way to raise awareness and to give visibility to brands, even if they don’t need to. Twosync and MattHDGamer recently received a care package from Adidas UK and it has given them the opportunity to wears the brand’s products on their videos and during their daily activities. Not only Twosync and MattHDGamer used the products on their Youtube videos but they also had the opportunity to thank Adidas via Instagram, reaching their +700k followers on the social network.


In the video below these lines we can see a good example of the visibility that the brand gets through the influencers’ social media channels when they upload content. In this particular case, Mat from Twosync is wearing his new favourite Adidas T-Shirt:

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