Lay’s and Primetubers go to the beach

In the summer of 2015, Pepsico’s brand Lay’s organized a campaign that saw a Lay’s truck touring different beaches in Spain. At every beach, people who were around had the chance to participate in the activities organized by the brand and to win all kind of summer prizes like selfie-sticks, hats, inflatables, balls, etc. In 2016, Lay’s wanted to focus on Spaniards’ passion for football and include it in this year’s “Lay’s Route” around some more Spanish beaches. To make the most of the campaign and to engage with Lay’s young consumers, the brand worked alongside 4 of the most popular FIFA youtubers in Spain.

DjMariio & DoctorePollo went to Punta Umbría (Huelva)

Tobbalink & Pumuscor went to Playa del Coco (Badalona)

Lays_PumusThe campaign was a success and the 4 Primetubers gave great exposure to the brand through their social media accounts and the Youtube videos they uploaded on their channels (with more than 2m views!).

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