Warm welcome to Twosync!

We are happy to announce that Primetubers team is getting bigger and the newest addition to the family couldn’t be better. We’re signing the best eSports Youtubers specialised on FIFA videogame.

In the picture below, Esteve Calzada Prime Time Sport CEO with the famous Youtubers Chris and Matt. They are two brothers from the UK who have been uploading FIFA videos on YouTube during the last three years. They are known for providing quality content and as of today, TWOSYNC has more than 1.2M subscribers.


The English brothers count with 353 million total views in their channel and 444k social media followers. impressive numbers that keep growing day by day. They connect with his audience thanks to their sense of humour and original videos. Below these lines you can see his most popular video, an exciting pack opening where they got Lionel Messi! A good example of how spontaneous they are and how they connect with their fans. They have surpassed the 2.2m views mark for this video!

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