Primetubers breaking records

Our Primetubers keep breaking records.  DjMaRiiO – the most respected FIFA Youtuber in Spain- has reached 1,000,000 subscribers during last week. And he did it in a very original way encouraging viewers to subscribe in streaming until he reached the number. You can see the video below this lines.

DoctorePollo and Cacho01 – two other of the most followed Youtubers in Spain – have also hit an important milestone: 400,000 subscribers; and Tobbal -well known Youtuber noted for his sense of humour and friendliness – has recently seen how his channel surpassed 300,000 subscribers, a very good number taking into account he started by the end of 2012. All of them are growing fast and increasing their number of fans at a very fast pace!

This fact is clearly another evidence that Youtube is on the rise and it shows how brands have a new and interesting opportunity to reach their audience in a unique and effective way.

From our side we would like to show our gratitude and celebrate with them this new milestones. Hard work and big challenges are coming to keep surprising their followers.



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