Iniesta enjoys playing like a kid

Spanish football superstar Andrés Iniesta is the face of two popular toy brands: Playmobil and MarioKart. The midfielder – who is very active on his social media accounts – shared recently two pictures of himself mentioning the games.

But results aren’t the same: whilst Playmobil got 123 retweets and 655 likes, MarioKart got 1,270 retweets and 3,418 likes (at the moment of checking it for the purpose of the article). And why is that? We can easily say by comparing the two images. You can see them under these lines.

The way the brand appears on the personal account of the figure is very important. Playmobil tweet is clearly an advertisement. On the other hand, we can see on the second image, where Iniesta is playing the game next to his wife and daughter at home, that the association is much more natural and it’s not intrusive.

Followers want to feel closer to the people they admire so personal and exclusive information is what they are looking for. Reactions then will be much better when content feels natural.



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