Cristiano Ronaldo hits 200m

Cristiano_instagramSocial media platforms are key for brands to reach a wider audience and having millions of followers is a great selling point for athletes and celebrities looking for endorsements. Cristiano Ronaldo has now over 200 million followers on his official social networks and the Portuguese star is the first athlete to achieve this cumulative figure from Facebook (with almost 110m followers), Instagram (about to hit 50m) and Twitter (more than 40.5m followers).  Being able to reach more than 200m users makes him a fantastic communications platform and guarantees that brands will get high visibility when working with him. Young generations are moving away from TV and using social media channels as their main information/entertainment source, which means that an athlete like Cristiano Ronaldo is more valuable than most traditional channels.”

Cristiano Ronaldo shared the news on his social media accounts saying: “Really proud to be the 1st athlete with 200 million social media followers. A big thank you to all my fans!” and obtaining more than 2.3m engagements. No doubt brands like Herbalife, Sacoor Brothers or Tag Heuer will also be very happy with the news.

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