Agüero is a great example of how powerful Social Media is

Aguero_FBcoverAgüero shares pictures via Facebook that reach millions

Football players are getting ready for the World Cup and some of them, like Sergio Agüero, take the opportunity to share their experience with fans via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other Social Media platforms. In the last 2 days, Sergio posted some pictures on Facebook with some of his teammates and they obtained impressive numbers in terms of likes, shares and comments.

This is just another example of how powerful and important are Social Media tools. Having a strong digital profile, in this particular case 5.7m likes, means having more visibility and reaching more people. You can see next some examples of recent posts from Sergio Agüero and the impact that they had:


The above picture of Sergio with his teammate Messi after their first training session in Brazil got +178k likes, was shared over 5.5k times and received 4375 comments in less than 24h.



Impressive numbers of the above post where we can see Sergio and his teammates in the plane on their way to Brazil. +440k likes, over 76k shares and more than 17k comments.



Again, almost 430k likes, shared more than 30k times and 16773 comments on it.

To sum up, the three posts that we saw above collected more than 1m likes, were shared more than 100k times and received more than 35k comments. 

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