Kun Agüero interviews himself for PUMA

Puma just launched a series of very special interviews.

In the latest campaign by sports wear giant PUMA, some of the brand’s main ambassadors took part in a series of fun videos where they where being interviewed by themselves. Kun Agüero, Marcos Reus, Mario Balotelli and Cesc Fábregas, representing 4 different countries that will be present in the upcoming World Cup, are some of the best known faces of PUMA, next to other players like Yaya Toure or Thierry Henry.

In this series of fun interviews for the campaign #StartBelieving, the players have an intimate look at their careers and at the World Cup that will be held in Brazil in a few days.

Kun Agüero interviews Kun Agüero:

Sergio Agüero believes in himself and the ability of the Argentinean national team to go far in the upcoming World Cup. In the most intimate interview possible, speaking to himself, Sergio explains why self-belief is imperative and talks about his past tournament experiences.

Mario Balotelli interviews Mario Balotelli:

What happens when Mario Balotelli has to face himself for an interview? Find out why Mario has always believed in himself, where he watched Italy win the tournament in 2006 and who is the coolest guy in the Italy squad.

Cesc Fábregas interviews Cesc Fábregas:

Cesc Fabregas believes Spain can repeat history this summer. In the most intimate interview Cesc has ever given, the Spanish legend explains to himself why he will never be bored of winning and why belief is necessary to win trophies.




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