Neymar commands the Replay Denim Revolution

In every football game Neymar Jr produces a football trick that only him can do with such elegance and flexibility. Inspired by his movements on the pitch, Replay Jeans hired the PSG leader to introduce the latest Replay’s Hyperflex + denim collection alongside the model Emily Ratajkowski.

Neymar Jr extended his contract with Replay this October. He has been portraying him as Replay testimonial since 2015. His new contract with the jeanswear premium brand will tie the Brazilian player to the company until August 2021.

Neymar said: “After these first three years, there was no doubt in my heart about continuing this partnership. I have always been a fan of this brand and I really felt I was part of the Replay family”.

Matteo Sinigaglia, Replay CEO, said: “Neymar Jr is not just an outstanding champion, he is an icon, a legend that can move crowds with his energy, passion and determination in everything he does. These are the same values that have always inspired Replay”.

Hyperflex + is the newest and mosrt authentic innovative line of the brand.

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