Gatorade turns Suárez and Messi against each other

Gatorade, an official partner of FC Barcelona, took the brave step of exploring how the World Cup could affect the wonderful connection between Leo Messi and his best partner in the game: Luis Suárez. The campaign simulates a confrontation between the two Barcelona strikers ahead of a possible Uruguay versus Argentina in Russia. 

The conflict reaches a point where Messi unfollows his team-mate from his social media accounts and tells the press that his relationship with Suárez is complicated. The Uruguayan responds by selling an original Messi shirt for only 2$.

The campaign is called #EverythingChanges and it defends that everything can change (even the relationships and agreements everyone take for granted), except what you have got inside. A great campaign with a fantastic creative angle and two of the players who are called to do big things during the World Cup. Brilliant strategy by Gatorade to make some noise and gain visibility ahead of the biggest football compatition there is. You can see it below these lines:

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