Times are changing with Hazard and Ice-Watch

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It’s all about Belgian forces uniting when one of the major players joins a brand from his country. Eden Hazard‘s game has changed, evolved and improved year on year. The Chelsea star recently signed-up as the brand’s ambassador, to celebrate Ice-Watch‘s 10 year anniversary. He has changed on and off the pitch and he is saying you can change too. 

The player will feature in ATL campaigns and give visibility to the brand and promote it on his official social media channels. Below these lines you can see the first advert with the player. “I love Ice-Watch because it is a Belgian brand. I am proud it was created in my country. It is also a fun brand for all ages and styles. There’s something to suit everyone”, said Hazard. The Belgian captain will help Ice-Watch to gain market presence in the UK as they are looking for distribution options.  

Eden Hazard is a popular player in the UK and has earned a high reputation after playing for six years at Stamford Bridge, making him one of the most successful players of the Belgian Premier League community, winning five major titles with the London club.

Jean-Pierre Lutgen, Ice-Watch’s CEO, added: “As a creator of affordable watches for all, this is the kind of collaboration we love. Charismatic, committed, generous, enthusiastic: Eden Hazard is an ideal ambassador. Ice-Watch is looking to partner with personalities who, like him, are well-liked by the general public and move forward while remaining accessible”.   

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