Uber Eats know well that ‘No Pirlo, no Party’

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For the first time since 1958 Italy did not qualify for the World Cup. A major upset for a football legend like Andrea Pirlo, who was planning to have a quiet summer without football. A problem that Uber Eats, in collaboration with McDonald’s McDelivery, was ready to solve and capitalise on. 

Italian passing maestro has a reputation of being not easy to impress. And that’s exactly what the brands are trying to do in this campaign called #TeamforPirlo. Other football icons like Cafú (Brazil), Marcel Desailly (France), Luis Hernández and Jared Borgetti (Mexico) or Harry Kewell (Australia), Rui Patricio (Portugal), Mashahiro Fukuda (Japan) and Alexandre Guimarães feature in a series of videos with the mission of convincing Pirlo to support their national side during the World Cup. You can see an example below these lines.

Andrea Pirlo said: “For the first time I can remember, I was not looking forward to the FIFA World Cup this year. I thought ‘No Italy, no party’ but there is still a summer full of football for me to enjoy as a fan at home with McDonald’s McDelivery from Uber Eats”.  

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