Ilkay Gündogan drives a Mercedes-Benz

German international and Manchester City star Ilkay Gündogan has fulfilled a childhood dream of his signing an agreement with Mercedes-Benz to become one of the brand’s ambassadors and proud driver of an AMG model for the next year. The personal agreement will see him attend a few events and deliver some appearances for the brand, while also promoting it on his official accounts, where he has a remarkable following (2m followers on Instagram and 2.7m on Facebook) and becomes a great communications platform for any brand. The partnership was announced by Ilkay and it certainly looks like a little kid got new shoes! When brands work with ambassadors who genuinely like its products the results are always noticeably better!

The player already had the opportunity to engage with the brand via Twitter and with his colleague and friend Mesut Ozil, who is also an ambassador for Mercedes-Benz.


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