Ilkay Gündogan is back and ready


After going through surgery and many months of rehab, Ilkay Gündogan is finally back on his feet! Many players fear a torn A.C.L. more than any other injury. It is not as visibly painful as a broken bone, but it is much more menacing. Not so long ago, it was more often than not the end of a career. Things have changed and when Ilkay Gündogan got injured back in December, he faced what was ahead of him with optimism, and the confidence that he would come back from this stronger. The road to recovery was long and painful, but it paid off when he could take part in an official game again, precisely against Watford, the last team that he had played against. He will be a key player for Guardiola in the next months and he will be fully fit to help Germany win a second consecutive World Cup!

“The Lonely Road Back From a Very Public Injury”

To understand what Ilkay went through, it is worth reading the fantastic article that the New York Times wrote about the player and his lonely road to recovery. You can read it in the link above these lines.

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