Gareth Bale gets quality sleep with Simba

Gareth Bale recently announced a new partnership with Simba Sleep on his official social media accounts. The Welsh star will promote the brand’s new products and he claims to be very proud to be an ambassador for the brand, who’ve just developed a prototype airline seat to create a post match inflight sleeping experience that’s as comfortable as his Simba mattress at home.

Simba’s co-founder James Cox said that the inspiration to develop this new product came from a conversation with the Real Madrid star: “When we first met Gareth, he raised a challenge we hadn’t thought of – what happens when you need a good night’s sleep but you can’t get to your bed at home?”.

Both Gareth Bale and the brand have taken the opportunity to share the news on social media, and Simba shot a TVC with the football star, which can be seen above these lines.


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