Buffon is the safest goalkeeper for Reale

On the back of yet another fantastic season, Italy and Juventus goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon has signed a personal endorsement deal with Italian insurance company Reale Mutua.

The veteran player will lend his image to commercials on both video and print, as well as on social networks Youtube and Facebook. Buffon has also taken the opportunity to give some additional visibility to Reale Mutua using his own social media accounts in a number of ocassions. As you can see above and below these lines, the campaigns featuring Buffon will focus on Reale Mutua commitment to the welfare state.

“We are very proud that a great champion like Gigi is part of our team: our work will be even more exciting with the nation’s captain,” said Luca Filippone, managing director of Reale Mutua. “We think there is a strong parallelism between the role of the goalkeeper and speaking to people face-to-face every day.”

Buffo_Reale Mutua2


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