Twosync go to Wembley with EE

Brands are finding great value in doing digital campaigns and working with digital influencers. EE have once again brought YouTube’s top football content creators together for the most epic YouTube footballing series in history, The Wembley Cup. But this year is bigger and better in every way, it’s EE‘s biggest ever digital campaign and for the first time the game will be open to the public and 30,000 fans will be able to watch the game live at Wembley. Twosync will be part of it, next to the likes of other top Youtube channels like ChrisMD, Spencer FC, Séan Garnier or Joe Weller.

EE‘s campaign is aimed at millennials, a demographic that is difficult to reach through traditional marketing methods, but EE also wants to broaden its reach to people who aren’t pure YouTube viewers through Fifa’s “magical line up of past football legends”, including the likes of Robbie Fowler, Robert Pires or Peter Schmeichel.

Wembley Cup_EE2Throughout a series of 8 episodes we were able to follow the 2 teams, Spencer FC and Weller Wanderers, as they battled it out in a series of challenges. The final squads, including EA SPORTS FIFA legends, will meet for a star-studded LIVE final at Wembley Stadium connected by EE. Last season’s Wembley Cup was a huge success, with the participation of Sidemen, and this year the goal is to go even bigger.

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