Gillette’s latest with Lewandowski and Neymar

The American Gillette has been using ambassadors to promote its products for many years. Sports ambassadors are the most common and we have seen basketball players, tennis players, footballers and many others. Neymar and Messi have been the two biggest global ambassadors from the football industry but the brand also uses other players on its regional campaigns. A good example of it could be Joe Hart in England, Thomas Müller in Germany or Robert Lewandowski in Poland. The latter is precisely the star of the new campaign by Gillette in his home country. Above these lines you can see the advert that was launched a couple of weeks ago to promote the new Flexball technology.

Another good recent example of how Gillette uses its ambassadors and how the brand makes the most of other sports partnerships is the campaign that was launched with Neymar ahead of the Olympics 2016 in Rio, which can be seen below. Gillette has partnerships with both Neymar and the competition and that gave the brand the perfect opportunity to use them both for the same campaign. Neymar would later win the Gold medal in Rio so it was definitely smart (or lucky) promoting the competition with him.

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