Iniesta joins the Ghostbusters

Cinema studios are seeing potential in sports to promote their films and to attract people to the theaters. We have seen Manchester United partnering with 20th Century Fox and Sony Pictures has an ongoing agreement with Andrés Iniesta and counted on the Spanish international player for the promotional teaser of the Ghostbusters film which was released on the 12th of August in Spain.

In the video you can see under these lines, the FC Barcelona midfielder helps a group of children that are threatened by a ghost during a football match. The new film of Ghostbusters stars the actresses Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones, Kristen Wiig and the actor Chris Hemsworth. 

It’s well known that football is very popular in Spain and Sony took good advantage of it to gain notoriety and media exposure using one of the best known faces and most successful players of the country. This comes from a wider partnership between Iniesta and Sony and in the past couple of years we have seen him promoting other titles from the studio (e.g. James Bond) and also promoting Sony‘s most popular handset, the Sony Xperia.

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