Messi and Lineker, protagonists of Walkers’s new commercial

Football stars have always been great brand ambassadors, they capture people’s attention because of their global impact and many people feel identified with those celebrities, so it is not surprising to see football players starring in commercials anymore.

On this occasion, the crisps brand Walkers, is launching an advertising campaign with two stars of the game, Leo Messi and Gary Lineker, who feature on a short sport that has gone viral on social media.

In the spot, we can see Gary Lineker enjoying a Walkers bag of crisps while Messi is playing table football with friends, until the Argentinian star comes up with a master stroke to steal Lineker’s bag of chips.

Walkers is currently the preferred crisps brand in the UK and it expects to keep being the leader in British’s Supermarkets through the brand’s new strategy with football. Not only they work with talent like Leo Messi but Pepsico (owner of Lay’s/Walkers) is also one of the official partners of the Champions League.


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