Wigan’s Al-Habsi signs Omani contract with Hyundai

1394623524907241300Wigan Athletic goalkeeper Ali Al-Habsi has become a brand ambassador for South Korean car manufacturer Hyundai in Oman.

Al-Habsi, the captain of the Oman national soccer side, will work with the brand to build relationships with Omani customers. He will feature in a series of upcoming marketing initiatives and promotions.

Al-Habsi, who has more than 100 caps for his country, was a member of the Wigan Athletic side that last season became the first team to both win the FA Cup, the premier domestic trophy in English soccer, and face relegation from the Premier League during the same campaign.

Sheikh Saad Suhail Bahwan, the chairman of Omani automotive distributor OTE Group, was present at the announcement. He said: “We at OTE are delighted to have Habsi as brand ambassador for Hyundai in Oman. I am sure this will be a winning combination and will help Hyundai score in the minds of the youth.”

Tom Lee, the head of Hyundai’s Africa and Middle East regional headquarters, also present at the announcement, added: “Football is the most popular sport in Oman and the Fifa World Cup will generate huge excitement throughout the country. Habsi becoming the official brand ambassador for Hyundai in Oman will not only be a huge positive for the brand image but also create awareness across the country.”

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