Cristiano and Neymar enjoy playing with PokerStars

PokerStars are investing heavily in talent and we have seen it recently when the brand announced that Neymar Jr. and Cristiano Ronaldo would be the new global ambassadors of the brand. We have seen them both promote the brand on social media but we still hadn’t seen a TVC with the players. Both stars have now their very own film for PokerStars. In the video below these lines you can watch Cristiano Ronaldo showcase his passion for poker in PokerStars‘ latest film, with the popular track “How You Like Me Now?” by The Heavy driving the action.

The film was shot on location in Madrid and it follows Cristiano Ronaldo‘s fast-paced poker home game with friends and gives you a taste of his personality at the table.

Neymar Jr. also shot his own TVC in Barcelona and had the chance to show off his love of poker and take on his friends and a footballing legend, who happens to be a friend and one of PokerStars‘ ambassadors.

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