BT Sport gain visibility through players

BT Sport are celebrating that they recently became the “new home of European football” and they are taking the opportunity to invest heavily on their football oriented marketing campaigns. It’s well known the roster of ambassadors and pundits that BT Sport have and that includes the likes of Rio Ferdinand, Gareth Bale, Joe Hart, David Luiz and a long etcetera. We can see them all in the TVC that BT produced to promote the new season, which can be seen below these lines:

On top of the traditional marketing campaigns that BT Sport is putting together for the new season, there are also some innovative and unique initiatives that help them gain visibility and exposure. The latest one is called #BeatTheBin. It’s a challenge where some of the best players in Europe try to get a ball in a bin, proving that they are skillful athletes. Are they really? The video, starring Gareth Bale, Didier Drogba, Philipp Lahm, David Luiz and many others can be seen below.

Active players:

Former players and pundits:

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