Carvajal and Bartra keep delivering for Jack&Jones

Carvajal_JackJonesMarc Bartra and Dani Carvajal became ambassadors of fashion brand Jack&Jones a few months ago and they haven’t stopped delivering ever since. We saw them both starring on a TVC that can be seen below these lines and attending events together to talk about the form of their teams and the National Team and to answer all kinds of questions. These kind of events have proven to be a great option for brands because it gives them the opportunity to have good exposure on site and afterwards when the event and the interviews with the players are published by the different media gathered there.Bartra_Jack and JonesOn this occasion, both Carvajal and Bartra have attended events organized by the brand on their own. Mid-April Dani Carvajal was spotted in a shopping centre of Madrid, signing autographs and taking pictures with fans in front of a Jack&Jones backdrop. Two weeks later, Marc Bartra was doing the same in Barcelona and talking about FC Barcelona and the few but very exciting games ahead of them. As always, the events were covered by different media and got the brand nice visibility when the interviews were published. Above these lines an example of Bartra‘s interview published by Marca.

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