Pepe Reina is “Born for Poker”

Pepe Reina_PokerStars2PokerStars has launched a new game in Spain called “Born for Poker”, with the intention to understand if Poker players are born or can be created. The is using International goalkeeper Pepe Reina to try to solve the mystery and to give visibility to PokerStars and its newest game.

Pepe Reina, who has been collaborating with PokerStars for years, joins Julio Maldonado “Maldini” and Axel Torres, two well-known journalist from Spain, as the ambassadors and promoters of the game.

What determines if someone can be a good Poker player? Is it something we are born with? Can it be learned? These are some of the questions that PokerStars is asking and trying to answer with the brand’s newest game.

Pepe Reina is apparently very skillful and suited for the game according to the calculations of PokerStars. He proudly shared a picture showing the compatibility (with Poker) results on his Twitter account.

Pepe Reina_PokerStars_Twitter

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